Habitat III – opens today

Urbanization is an unprecedented challenge. By the middle of the century four of every five people might be living in towns and cities. Urbanization and development are inextricably linked and it is necessary to find a way of ensuring the sustainability of growth. Urbanization had become a driving force as well as a source of development with the power to change and improve lives. Read more HERE.

The Habitat III Conference that opens on 17 October in Quito, Ecuador, therefore has, as its mission, the adoption of a New Urban Agenda an action-oriented document which will set global standards of achievement in sustainable urban development, rethinking the way we build, manage, and live in cities through drawing together cooperation with committed partners, relevant stakeholders, and urban actors at all levels of government as well as the civil society and private sector. The New Urban Agenda was agreed on 10 September 2016, culminating two years of inclusive and participatory preparatory process of negotiations and global debate. The New Urban Agenda is comprised of 175 paragraphs containing guidelines from member states and stakeholders on subjects varying from three principles: leave no one behind, sustainable and inclusive urban economies, and environmental sustainability. The New Urban Agenda promotes some fundamental concepts and guidelines to make cities more inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. It encourage, among others, urban densification, rather than extending the perimeter of the cities; the mixed use of the land, instead of zoning; the preservation of landscapes and natural resources and public spaces for all. The New Urban Agenda also reinforces better coordination between local governments national, subnational and as well as a holistic view of urban planning to ensure an effective cohesion, participation and social inclusion.

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