Free online road safety education in Spanish for young people

Luchemos por la Vida and Ford Argentina have together launched the free program Conduciendo por la Vida (“Driving for Life”). The goal of the program is to raise awareness and provide road safety education to youth aged 15 to 18. The program also provides guidance and information for educators and parents, to allow them to participate actively in the educational process.

Visit the campaign website at to access the free online course, which focuses on safe navigation of the traffic system and responsible driving. The course touches on topics including drunk driving, proper use of seat belts and helmets, speed limits, cell phone use while driving, respecting pedestrians and cyclists, and more.

Participating schools will be able to compete in the Luchemos por la Vida Awards 2016.

The program is based on guidelines from Luchemos por la Vida’s extensive educational experience and on the successful program Ford Driving Skills for Life, which has been delivered for the last 13 years in the US and countries from Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Visit for more information.