Data-driven Implementation of 30 km/h Streets in Lebanon

Lebanon is facing increasingly difficult times. Following the dramatic Beirut blast on 4 August 2020, as well as the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, the country is dealing with a deteriorating financial and economic situation. The violation of traffic laws is increasing, road maintenance is absent due to the financial crisis, and the general population is focused on how to make a living, as well as securing food and medicine.

Despite these challenges, and although road safety is not seen as a priority, the Adel Metni Foundation was determined to endorse the UN Global Road Safety Week’s campaign #StreetsForLife and #Love30 with a customized campaign, #BeirutStreetsForLife. The aim was to gain public support and mobilize community stakeholders, as well as to implement 30 km/h speed limits on five targeted streets.

The streets were chosen through collaboration with authorities in the relevant municipalities based on data collection and evidence regarding traffic flow, the mix between vulnerable users and vehicles, recorded crashes, and the possible risk of serious injuries or fatalities if no action was taken.

Daily communication with local officials will take place throughout this week, as well as training sessions, field inspections, police officer presence and the placement of 30 km/h speed limit signs.

Meetings have also been arranged with community stakeholders, whose feedback is already positive, to help generate awareness using online platforms and local events. The NGO hopes to create a big impact with the campaign as the five streets encompass schools, residential buildings and shopping districts.

After this week, they hope to keep up the momentum by focusing on strengthening enforcement, surveillance, and data collection, monitoring the number and types of crashes, injuries, and alternative means of transport. The #Love30 campaign will remain at the heart of Adel Metni Foundation’s strategy to find workable road safety solutions, as they continue to adapt to Lebanon’s daily challenges.

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