Ideas: Community Engagement

NGOs are experts at community engagement campaigns. Based on ideas that members have done for other campaigns, or community activities for other causes, here are some suggestions. Visual campaigns can be attractive to journalists and for social media. They raise awareness about issues, and help show that support is mobilizing.

We know that during the COVID-19 pandemic, many NGOs community engagement campaigns will be different and more complicated but we hope that you will be able to find and share socially distanced ways of connecting your community to the issues.

Please send us your ideas and your pictures to

1. Get involved in the social media campaign

  • Take and share ‘safe roads, our right’ photos and videos
  • Find the ‘how to’ guide HERE.

2. Use the hand symbol

  • Murals or chalk sidewalk drawings incorporating the hand logo and your messages
  • Cut-out handprints to form a display
  • Cut-out handprints in windows as a symbol for the demand for safe roads (similar to the use of rainbows during the pandemic)
  • ‘Treasure hunt’: find all the handprints around the community

3. Start a petition

  • Find the ‘how to’ guide HERE.
  • Download an editable, printable template HERE.