How to: Safe Roads Petition

For this year’s #CommitToAct campaign, we invite NGOs to create petitions for specific, meaningful actions relevant to their countries and communities. Petitions can be online using or, if appropriate under current local conditions, using the paper template.

1. Define your demand

  • What is the biggest issue facing your country or community? What action could save lives on your roads?
  • Your demand could be local, such as changes to make a school in your community safe, or national, such as a new policy or law. Ideally, relate your demand to the advocacy that you are already doing.

2. Create your petition

  • Use to create your online campaign.
  • If face-to-face events are appropriate with current social distancing requirements, you can download an editable, printable petition form HERE.

3. Share your petition

  • Share your petition widely in your community
  • Tell us about your petition so that we can share it too and include it on our website. Tell us about it via the button below or email and tag us on social media @roadsafetyngos.

4. Push for action

  • Take your petition to your decision maker.
  • Ask them to commit to act on the change you need.
  • Read about commitments HERE.