How To: Our Roads, Our Rights Video

Throughout the campaign, we will be sharing NGOs videos.

See an example

1. Prepare your message

It should be: 

  • in your own language
  • maximum 2 sentences and no more than 20 seconds long 
  • start with one of these statements: 
    • I stand up for …
    • Our right to safe roads means …
    • Those in most danger on [my country / city / community]’s roads are …
    • [My community/city/country] has the right to …
    • Leaders in my country must act to …

2. Record your video

  • The camera should be held HORIZONTALLY 
  • Look at the camera
  • Run the video for 2 seconds before & after speaking 

3. Share your video

Share your videos on social media tagging @roadsafetyngos and using the #CommitToAct hashtag or submit them via the button below.