Tips and Ideas: Build a Coalition

The UN Resolution sets road safety within the wider SDG agenda. It encourages us to see safe roads within the context of the environment, mobility, planning, public health, gender, and equality.

We need to engage new partners outside of road safety in our campaigns and advocacy. Here are some tips for getting started.

1. Think outside the road safety box

You could start by thinking about your #CommitToAct campaign demand. Who could be interested in it? For example, if your demand involves children, invite NGOs advocating for children and children’s rights, schools and school boards, youth groups etc. Some ideas:

  • Road safety NGOs
  • Other NGOs and advocacy groups and campaigns
  • Social and community groups and networks
  • Local government departments
  • National government departments
  • Academics and universities
  • Businesses
  • Journalists and media

Check out our webinar on POWER MAPPING for some tips.

2. Make your case

Identify the common goals and why these organizations would be interested in working with you.

You can use the INFOGRAPHIC BUILDER to create factsheets to demonstrate the links between your fields.