Advocacy Objective 2022

To support our NGO community in advocacy toward the Decade of Action, the Alliance has identified three key advocacy objectives that will be refined to form the basis of our campaigns and advocacy throughout 2022.

These objectives have been formulated by evaluating members inputs, including the member survey and 2021 campaigns, alongside the global evidence-base. They align to themes within the Global Plan for the Decade of Action (Global Plan), which is the blueprint for achieving the 2030 target. In the upcoming regional meetings, Alliance members will refine the objectives, making them relevant and specific to the realities in their regions, and defining a call to action for the 2022 #CommitToAct campaign.

1. Evidence-based actions that put people at the center, based on the recommendations of the Global Plan and including 30 km/h

  • Rationale: In 2021, both the UN Global Road Safety Week and the Global Plan handovers were successful activities for NGOs to kick off advocacy for specific evidence-based action. This ask is included to enable them to maintain momentum for advocacy already started in the run up to the High-level Meeting in July 2022.
    • Member basis: 100% of NGOs in the evaluation of the 2021 UN Global Road Safety Week campaigns plan to continue their advocacy for 30 km/h.
    • Global basis: The Global Plan for the Decade of Action is the guide for governments to achieve the 2030 target.

2. Investment to put commitments into action

  • Rationale: Road safety has been historically underfunded in relation to the scale and impact of the issue. Without increased funding, meaningful action will not happen
    • Member basis: The Alliance report The Day Our World Crumbled: The Human Cost of Inaction on Road Safety, based on 5,606 responses to the People’s Survey, identified as a recommendation that decision makers should commit and make funding available for road safety delivery. This recommendation was based on evidence of the economic cost of road safety on people’s lives.
    • In the Alliance’s 2021 member survey, lack of funding was listed as the number one hindrance to the last Decade of Action (74% of respondents).
    • Global Basis: Increased funding for sustainable road safety implementation was the key demand at the Supporting Event for the High-level Meeting on Road Safety convened by the UN General Assembly in December 2021.

3. Involvement of NGOs in decision-making so that communities are heard

  • Rationale: NGOs are the voices of those communities and the bridge between communities and decision makers.
    • Member basis: The Alliance member survey, conducted in January and February 2021, identified meaningful participation of NGOs in decision making as a key enabler of the first Decade of Action (mentioned by 61% of respondents) and its lack as a key hindrance (23% of respondents)
    • The survey led to the publication of the Alliance’s Good Practice Guide to Meaningful NGO Participation in the Field of Road Safety
    • Global basis: Annex 2 of the meaningful participation guide presents the body of evidence from the wider academic world.
    • Meaningful participation of civil society is a recommendation in the Global Plan and a role is set out for NGOs to assist their government to achieve the Decade of Action.

See the advocacy asks in our video for the Global Plan handovers: