Seventh Global Meeting FAQs

Global Meeting format

What risk does the current situation in the Ukraine represent for the Global Meeting?

We are working closely with the Hungarian government, who are co-hosting the Global Meeting. In regard to the current situation in neighboring Ukraine, we have discussed this with them and do not anticipate any disruption to the Global Meeting. We will remain in close contact with the Hungarian government and keep the situation under review. The majority of the Global Meeting is online so plans can be adapted easily if necessary.

Will the meeting be online?

It will be hybrid, with a small number of NGO members in person but the majority online. To facilitate this, we are using a platform called Brella, which enables streaming, interactive meetings, and networking. You will receive access to the platform when you register.

How do I register for the Global Meeting?

Registration is open. Learn more.

Why am I unable to submit my registration form after filling the registration form?

Please check the terms and conditions box and try again.

Regional Consultations

Why are there regional consultations before the Global Meeting?

Each region will create a call to action, based on specific regional needs and demands. These calls to action will be launched at the Global Meeting and used for to support our joint advocacy throughout this year. At the regional consultations, NGOs will work together to prepare the calls to action. You will receive an invite for your regional session. Please participate.

General Assembly

Is my NGO eligible to vote at the General Assembly?

As per our bylaws, only full (voting) members are eligible to vote at the General Assembly. Check your membership type HERE.

How do I vote at the General Assembly?

Only one representative of a full member organization can vote on their NGO’s behalf. Please nominate a representative when you register for the Global Meeting. They will be sent instructions and a code. All other members of the NGO, plus associate members, and others can watch the General Assembly via the livestream

Can I vote if I can’t attend the General Assembly?

If you cannot attend the General Assembly, you can request an absentee vote. Please note that an absentee vote will only be permitted under exceptional circumstances including ill health where no other member of your NGO can represent, or if the General Assembly starts after 21:00 or before 07:00 in your time zone. To request an absentee vote, please email

My question isn’t answered here

If you have a question that is not covered here, please email