#SaveKidsLives Live in Lebanon

Based in Lebanon, Kunhadi has hosted two #SaveKidsLives events. In collaboration with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), Kunhadi on 2 December 2014 hosted a road safety conference for young students of the Public Primary School of Yarin. Apart from teaching about safe behavior on the road, in the car and on the bus, Kunhadi at the same time introduced the #SaveKidsLives global road safety campaign, which encouraged the young students to express their thoughts and write their requests on the #SaveKidsLives signboards on what will it take to make them feel safer on the road. Prior to this, young students of the Makased – Khaled Bin El-Walid School on 27 November 2014 wrote their road safety demands on #SaveKidsLives global campaign signboards after having learned about the importance of observing safe behavior on the road, in the car and on the bus during the road safety conference previously organized by Kunhadi.

Among the several action items that Kunhadi has prepared in line with the #SaveKidsLives 2015 campaign, it has made plans to continue its campaign of installing ten safe crossings in front of Lebanese schools to protect the lives of students crossing the road, launch a speeding campaign next month (January 2015) and organize two taxi nights with the objective of raising drunk driving awareness and encouraging the youth to use taxi cars when they go out to party. Please find more information about Kunhadi and their #SaveKidsLives activities here