Safe Kids Foundation India joined the #SaveKidsLives campaign

Safe Kids Foundation, a member of the Alliance based in India, has recently joined the #SaveKidsLives campaign to spread road safety awareness to the community.

Both students and children supported and took part in the campaign, with children playing the road safety game “Ring and Win”, developed by the Safe Kids Foundation. The foundation participated in Equal Streets, an innovative concept initiated in Mumbai by NGOs, cycling groups, and residential welfare associations to provide better and safer walking and cycling spaces. On January 4 and 11, 2015, the event gave community members opportunities to write road safety messages on a signboard and get their #safies clicked as well as post their messages on a standee. The highlight of the event was a lezim dance. (Lezim is a folk dance from Maharashtra, India. Dancers carry a small musical instrument with cymbals fitted on a wood stick. They hold the instrument in both their hands while dancing, which produces a jingling sound, while a drum supplies the main percussion.) Road safety messages were pinned on the dancers’ backs to create awareness.