#RethinkMobility Painting in UN Exhibition for World Day of Remembrance

The #RethinkMobility painting was a focal point of an exhibition hosted at the UN Headquarters in New York for the World Day of Remembrance. Originating from the Eighth Global Meeting in El Salvador, this artwork was commissioned and presented as a gift to the UN Secretary-General ahead of the Sustainable Development Goals Summit in September.

Organized by the UN Department for Safety and Security (UNDSS), the exhibition, as elucidated by Annie Hammenrudh, Programme Management Officer in the Division of Partnerships and Specialized Support, served as a contemplative space. Annie noted that the #RethinkMobility painting is pivotal in encouraging individuals to reflect on the impact of road traffic crashes on families, friends, colleagues, and the broader community.

“The painting was part of the exhibition for the week, for people to pause and think about families, friends, UN colleagues and the people that we serve who were seriously injured as a result of road traffic crashes, and to mourn those who lost their lives” says Annie.

“The painting depicts a world where everyone has access to safe, affordable, accessible, and sustainable mobility, and is a call to action for UN Member States governments and international authorities to prioritize safe mobility and road safety on the global agenda.”