PRESS RELEASE: Partnership to strengthen NGO advocacy for accountability for safer roads 

19 March 2024

A new partnership to support seven NGOs to advocate for 30km/h streets has been launched by the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety, supported by the FIA Foundation. 

This partnership aims to accelerate the implementation of life-saving road safety interventions in Africa, Asia, and Latin America through practical advocacy tools designed for NGOs that can be replicated in different countries and settings. 

Seven NGO members of the Alliance will pioneer the Alliance Accountability Toolkit to influence their governments to implement 30 km/h zones. The Toolkit was launched in 2023 to generate stronger government accountability for road safety. It offers tangible steps, with each step accompanied with a tool to equip NGOs to advocate to the government and follow through on their responsibility to provide a safe road system for all road users. NGOs’ experiences using the tools will be captured in order to evaluate how they can be used most effectively and rolled out more widely.  

The NGOs will focus on implementing 30 km/h zones because they are well-proven to reduce occurrences and severity of road crashes, especially for pedestrians and cyclists. Low-speed streets of 30 km/h zones or lower promote walking, cycling, public transportation, and more vibrant and livable cities. Implementing 30 km/h zones has demonstrated significant benefits in various cities worldwide, leading to a decrease in road traffic injuries and fatalities by as much as 67%.1

“NGOs play a critical role in advocating for life-saving road safety measures,” stated Lotte Brondum, Executive Director of the Alliance. “The Alliance Accountability Toolkit is one of the ways that the Alliance equips NGOs to effectively advocate for the implementation of 30 km/h zones which helps to save lives. We thank the FIA Foundation for the partnership to strengthen advocacy for evidence-based action.”

“30 km/h limits help achieve the ambitious targets of the United Nations’ Global Goals in the area of road traffic injury by saving lives and making cities safer and more livable,” said Aggie Krasnolucka, Programmes Director, FIA Foundation. “Our commitment to making a difference on the ground is evident in supporting implementation of life-saving programs, aligning with our vision for safe and healthy journeys for all.”

Fridman, L., Ling, R., Rothman, L., et al. (2020). Effect of reducing the posted speed limit to 30 km per hour on pedestrian motor vehicle collisions in Toronto, Canada – a quasi experimental, pre-post study. BMC Public Health 20, 56.