PRESS RELEASE: FedEx Road Safety Award Celebrates NGO Role Models

FedEx Road Safety Award Celebrates NGO Role Models Working for Safer, More Sustainable Transport

12 May 2021

The Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety and FedEx Corp. are delighted to announce the winners of the FedEx Road Safety Awards 2021.

This year’s awards are presented to the Irish Road Victims’ Association (Ireland) and to a coalition of four NGOs working together in Latin America: MiNU Asociación Civil and ACTIVVAS (Argentina), Fundacion CAVAT (Ecuador) and Jóvenes Salvaguarda (Mexico).

The awards are presented biannually to members of the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety (the Alliance). Award-winning organizations are chosen for their outstanding commitment, growth, and active involvement in the Alliance and its mission. This year’s awards recognise organizations that have used coalitions and partnerships to effectively advocate for safer and more sustainable transport.

  • Irish Road Victims’ Association (IRVA), Ireland

IRVA is a valuable voice for road safety and road victims in Ireland. Two of its members have recently been re-elected for a second term to the national Road Safety Authority (RSA). IRVA’s founder, Donna Price, has built on the NGOs’ experience in Ireland to start the International Road Victims’ Partnership (IRVP), a network of NGOs around the world harnessing their joint experience to improve post-crash response.

IRVA receives the FedEx award for active and constructive support to the Alliance and to other Alliance members, demonstrating the value of continuous learning and development, utilizing Alliance opportunities, and leading by example.

  • • MiNU Asociación Civil and ACTIVVAS, Argentina, Fundacion CAVAT, Ecuador, and Jóvenes Salvaguarda, Mexico

These four NGOs are working as a coalition under the Alliance Incubator program to promote the safe use of bicycles in the Latin American cities they work in. In addition to awareness programs with delivery workers, families, and young people, the coalition partners will launch advisory boards for cycling in each country involving national, regional and local government, private sector, NGOs and experts. The NGOs have combined their individual strengths in their coalition and have used the Alliance as a platform for further growth. Although based in different countries, they have harnessed a shared experience to further their visions and missions in Latin America.

The winning organisations receive a physical trophy as well as a financial award to further empower their advocacy campaigns. Read more and see the announcement videos HERE.

Rock Sherman, Vice President Road Network Europe, FedEx Express said: “The FedEx Road Safety Awards are one facet of a partnership that continues to deliver impactful programs around the world. Through these awards, we have the honour of celebrating and further empowering the non-profit organisations that are making best use of the Alliance platform to make transport systems both safer and more sustainable. As we all seek ways to make mobility more sustainable, these non-profits are working to keep safety front of mind.”

Lotte Brondum, Executive Director, Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety said: “We are extremely proud of the way that our NGOs have grown and adapted to new opportunities and challenges. Collaboration is the best way to maximize our impact as NGOs. These NGOs exemplify the value of working together for common goals and have shown admirable growth through doing so. We are delighted that the efforts of these five NGOs have been recognized through the FedEx Road Safety Award and we thank FedEx for its continued support for our members.”

Donna Price, Founder, IRVA, said: “We are delighted to be recognised for our road safety efforts in this way. This great honour means a lot to me personally, as it does to all the IRVA board members, volunteers and bereaved families who work tirelessly to prevent road deaths and serious injury, and to support road victims and their families. I dedicate this FedEx Award to my 18-year-old son Darren who was tragically killed in a crash in March 2006. I accept it in his memory, and in honour of all of our loved ones killed and seriously injured in preventable crashes on roads all over the world.”

Martin Galanternik, Director of MINU Asociación Civil, Argentina on behalf of the coalition said: “We are honored to receive the FedEx Award for the work that we are doing as a coalition to advocate for safer cycling in countries across Latin America. The Incubator Program has given us the opportunity to work in closer collaboration, enhancing the work of our individual organizations and increasing the impact of our activities as we strive to achieve common goals. The FedEx Award will allow us to expand the reach of our work and gain more visibility for both the project and the NGOs in our home countries.”

As a global transportation provider, FedEx Express is working to proactively improve both the sustainability and safety of transport. In addition to the FedEx-sponsored Alliance Empowerment Program, FedEx Express Europe embarked on the Safer Cycling Advocate Program (SCAP) in 2019. Having begun in the Balkan countries, the program recently extended to Italy, Spain and Poland and will to roll out in a trio of Spanish speaking countries in Latin America later this year.