My Life After the Crash

Alliance member FEVR has recently published My Life After the Crash, an international study on medical, psychosocial, and economic consequences of road injuries. The purpose of the publication is to develop insight on the consequences of traffic crash injuries, determine the factors that could contribute to a better quality and standard of living for victims, and underpin arguments for continued investments in post-crash response and in victim support and assistance as well as in road safety measures in general.

Mortality is often considered the primary indicator of a health problem’s scale. This also applies to road traffic injuries. However, in order to fully consider and understand the human impact, it is important to take into account nonfatal outcomes. This is particularly true in the context of road safety, since most road crashes lead to injuries, many of which have a lasting impact. Road crashes are responsible for many serious injuries, globally estimated at 20 times more injuries than deaths (World Health Organization, 2009). Also, road-related injuries can have a major impact not only on the crash survivors’ quality of life but also on their families and, more broadly, on society as a whole. Much remains to be done in order to lessen the negative impact of traffic crashes on those directly involved and on their relatives.

Read more and download the publication HERE.