FedEx Small Business Grant Contest Recognizes First Response Innovation

Each year, FedEx recognizes the innovative work of small businesses through the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. Awards feature inspiring stories of passionate individuals creating new sustainable solutions and products, overcoming challenges, and benefiting their communities.

Among the finalists of the 2018 FedEx Small Business Grant Contest India is a med-tech company Axio Biosolutions. Axio was shortlisted for their Advanced Stop Bleeding Kit, which contains a special product Axiostat, developed to reduce the mortality rate of trauma victims with emphasis on road crash victims.

The idea for Axio’s Advanced Stop Bleeding Kit came when founder Leo Mavely was helping take crash victims to hospital as part of a volunteer project. One victim had a wound on his neck that was bleeding persistently and no amount of pressure would stop the flow. Although the victim survived, the incident made Leo realize that he might be able to make a difference if he could develop a product that would stop profuse bleeding before an ambulance arrives, which is typically between 30–60 minutes in India.  As a bioengineer by training, he developed a biopolymer product, Axiostat, that could reduce bleeding. The product is now US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) approved.  300,000 units of Axiostat have so far been distributed to 15 countries around the world. Read more HERE.