Children as Reporters for UN Global Road Safety Week

UN Global Road Safety Week is taking place from 4-10 May 2015, and the theme is ‘Children and Road Safety’. The main global campaign is ‘#SaveKidsLives’. You can help by organising an activity where children take the role of road safety reporters.

In their articles or short programmes, children can share their thoughts on the importance of road safety and show the risks they face every day on the roads. Work with your media contacts or simply film on a smartphone or camera, and post on your website and social media. Share it all with the campaign on social media using #SaveKidsLives.

The main steps are – find detailed guide HERE:

  • Identify the children and the story. Discuss their road safety concerns, plan a story.
  • If you are able to work with media, ask your media contacts for support, pitch an idea, try to secure airtime. See the guide attached.
  • Story ideas could include: highlighting the dangers on the way to school, lack of sidewalks, speed limits etc; tell the story with a friend who was injured; show what it’s like to travel on public transport as a child, is it safe?; report on children handing the #SaveKidsLives ‘Child Declaration’ to local leaders.
  • Choose your media: it could be a photo essay, recording, a short film, a blog, or facebook, youtube post or twitter chat. If you post on social media use #SaveKidsLives
  • Send your material to us at and the best will be featured on the #SaveKidsLives site and social media.
  • And don’t forget to take a ‘#Safie’ of the group. See

Support #SaveKidsLives:
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Good luck!