Alliance welcomes New Members

The Alliance is excited to welcome two new members, adding two new countries to our reach.

  • Fundación Conciencia Vial, Chile, is a nonprofit organization that promotes safety and sustainability as key and priority attributes of mobility, through various educational initiatives and projects. It aims to sensitize society as a whole, from public opinion to individual citizens, and influence public policies, through proposals and promotion of necessary legal and regulatory changes. It is a member of OSEV, the National Network of Victims and Organizations for Road Safety, and National Network for Road Coexistence , with which it promoted the Road Coexistence Law (in force since November 2018) and the reduction of urban speed limits from 60 at 50 km/h. Lately, Fundación Conciencia Vial is especially dedicated to promoting changes needed to reduce the significant increase in fatalities of cyclists registered in recent months, demanding more infrastructure dedicated to vulnerable users, greater enforcement of motorized vehicle laws, and road education.
  • Road Accident Action Group, Swaziland, was established in 2017, following consultation with communities who felt that most road outreach programs were not reaching them. The NGO is the brainchild of crash victims who are residents in different parts of the Kingdom of eSwatini. It is arguably the first-of-its-kind nongovernmental organization in the land. Its core mandate is to cut down the increasing cases of motor vehicle accidents caused by cattle/livestock.