Alliance welcomes new members

The Alliance is excited to welcome two new members who joined recently.

Full member

FundaciĆ³n Tactic Vial, Colombia, comprises a team of professionals from diverse fields such as law, traffic and transportation, road safety, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, and occupational health and safety. This foundation is dedicated to promoting road safety through education and awareness, firmly committed to providing advisory, consulting, and legal support. Emphasizing the importance of cultivating a culture of road safety, their mission involves not only spreading awareness and educating the public about safe road behaviors and managing on-road situations but also offering specialized support to those affected by road violence. The foundation focuses on integrating road safety into the broader social consciousness, aiming to influence both public opinion and individual behaviors, thus enhancing overall safety on the roads.

Associate member

The India Vision Institute is dedicated to enhancing primary eye care in India. Their focus areas include addressing workforce needs in eye care, advancing optometry through continuing education and research, and ensuring equitable access to vision services and spectacles nationwide. The organization advocates for preventive eye health practices to reduce avoidable blindness and aims to be a thought leader in the eye care sector. It supports the sustainable growth of the Indian ophthalmic industry and emphasizes the importance of correcting uncorrected refractive errors as part of the global goal for universal eye health by 2050. Additionally, the organization aligns its efforts with the sustainable development goals to promote a healthier environment and society by 2030.