Alliance welcomes new members

The Alliance is excited to welcome three new members who joined recently.

Full member

FundaciĆ³n Ciudad Humana, Colombia, established in 2001, champions the participative creation of cities where the focus is squarely on humans, aiming to enhance the quality of life for residents. Their multifaceted, inclusive approach embodies a vision where sustainable urban development and climate resilience go hand in hand, addressing global challenges through localized solutions. Their approach involves advocacy and citizen mobilization directed towards pivotal issues in urban sustainability. A hallmark of their strategy is partnership and collaboration with various organizations and stakeholders to integrate sustainability considerations into the urban fabric of Colombian cities.

Associate members

Road Safety Action International (RSAI), Liberia is a group of road safety advocates with a mission to promote and enhance road safety aimed at significantly reducing road crashes and their negative impacts. The organization’s strategy is driven by their objectives of establishing a safe road environment for all users, ensuring roads are secure for everyone from drivers to pedestrians; providing general road safety awareness and education; and advocacy for the implementation and enforcement of improved traffic laws and regulations, a proactive measure to ensure compliance and enhance safety. RSAI also focuses on improving its own effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability, ensuring it remains a resilient and impactful force in road safety.

School Safety Outreach (SSO), a non-profit organization based in Cameroon, operates with the mission of ensuring the health and safety of learners and staff in schools and learning communities. Established in 2020 and legally registered in Cameroon, their vision is forward-looking and ambitious, aiming to build resilient schools and communities in Cameroon by 2035 and across Africa by 2063, aligning with Agenda 2063. By focusing on the broader school communities, SSO works towards creating safer educational environments, thereby contributing to the development of resilient, secure schools and communities for the future.