Alliance welcomes new members

The Alliance is delighted to welcome the four new members that joined us recently.

Full members

Road Safety Education Limited (RSE) is a not-for-profit delivering road safety education to Australian and New Zealand high schools, primarily through their flagship, RYDA program. To date over 725,000 young people have participated in RYDA since 2001. Supported by Governments, corporate partners, Rotary clubs and philanthropic trusts, RSE typically provides RYDA to approximately 45,000 students each year in about 120 different locations. They conduct regular and robust program evaluation designed to measure knowledge retention, attitude shift and intended and practiced behaviour change across time. The best practice program is overseen by an international advisory board of road safety experts and is updated annually to ensure the latest research is included. An essential youth development, resilience program, RYDA features year-long pre and post classroom learning resources and a highly engaging and memorable one-day workshop, designed to front-load students’ understanding of road safety.

Walk21 Foundation is active in every continent and committed to helping everyone that aspires to meet more of the needs of people walking. It represents walking through broad variety of projects with city councils, training on how to create a walkable city, and advocacy. To ensure there is knowledge and expertise for walking, Walk21 supports national and local projects in a variety of roles. Most commonly Walk21 is an innovator and convener – helping develop cutting edge initiatives that can be exemplars of best practice for other cities internationally to benefit from. Walk21 runs workshops for advocates, practitioners and politicians including 8 Steps to a Walkable City to help audit walkability, develop campaigns and adopt indicators for valuing the impact of investment in walking initiatives. Walk21 provides a strong, visible and consistent voice to represent the needs of walkers It provides the platform for progressing the movement at our conference every year and we frame our work with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Associate members

Injury prevention initiative for Africa (IPIFA) is a non-governmental organization currently based in Ethiopia, dedicated to preventing primary, secondary and tertiary injuries in Ethiopia and Africa as a whole. It works to address the high burden of injuries and promote evidence-based interventions. IPIFA will contribute to ground-breaking legislation, new research developments, advocacy for the prevention and control of injuries to influence the population and leaders, and the continuous education of an ever-growing field of injury prevention professionals. It has a track record of working with its members in different African countries in injury surveillance activities and providing injury epidemiology training. Recently, IPIFA has focused on providing basic life support trainings for bystanders and first responders. It is also engaged in promoting road safety measures by using social media and advocacy platforms.

Oranges Social Welfare Society, India, was founded to support children suffering from birth defects. It has helped more than 11,000 children and organized more than 850 free medical camps. It runs road safety campaigns and training in collaboration with police department, schools, universities, hospitals and other social welfare groups. Through its road safety project, 120,000 students and road user have taken a road safety pledge to ensure that they and their families follow safe behaviors on the road, including seat belts, helmets, following speed limits etc. Oranges Social Welfare Society also provides a free ambulance services to road crash victims, which takes them to the closest hospital or treatment facility. Through its eye and health check up camps, it aims to improve the eye health of drivers to drive safely. The NGO also distributes prosthetic limbs and runs donation camps.