Alliance Welcomes New Members

The Alliance is delighted to welcome 13 new members that joined us recently. This is the first month that we have been able to welcome both full and associate members. Read more about membership and how to apply HERE.

Full members:

  • Fundación Emilia Silva Figueroa Víctimas de Accidentes, Chile, was founded as a result of a 2014 drink and drug driving law addressing death and serious injury and hit-and-run. Through enforcement of the law, the foundation realized that road issues were not comprehensively addressed in public policy and that road victims were not supported. Therefore the NGO’s mission is to build a new culture of road responsibility to prevent more deaths.
  • Fundación Despacio, Colombia, research center with the objective to promote quality of life in cities. Its philosophy is similar to the slow movement. It has worked with an interdisciplinary team on more than 130 projects, 30 publications, and 30 events to address urban development policy, urban lighting, sustainable mobility, non-motorized transport, motorcycles, road safety, gender, demand management, data analysis, and climate change.

Associate members:

  • Center for Law and Policy Affairs (CLPA), Bangladesh, was set up by a group of policy experts to ensure sustainable development and well-being through equity and justice.
  • UTTHAN, Bangladesh, conducts development programs for low-income, vulnerable poople, including street children.
  • MADD Brasil – Ações de Impacto Social, Brazil, has a mission to help combat drink and drug driving, support victims, and prevent alcohol consumption by minors.
  • Cycling Without Age, Denmark, offer free trishaw (cycle-powered) rides to people with limited mobility. Many people who lack mobility become isolated, and others are lonely in a modern fast paced world. Cycling Without Age connects cyclists and passengers to get human interactions back into the streets! Its guiding principles are: slowness, generosity, without age, storytelling and relationships.
  • Action for Social Development and Environmental Protection Organization, Ethiopia, implements development and humanitarian response projects under seven thematic areas: health, education, water, sanitation and hygiene, environmental protection and climate change, humanitarian response and gender-based violence.
  • Intercontinental Road Safety Probe, India has a mission to uphold the science and art of road safety contemplations.​
  • Odisha Calling Foundation, India, is a charitable trust in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India that has been involved in awareness and advocacy for road safety for 5 years.
  • Greenlight Initiative, Nigeria, is registered with the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission as a non-profit that strives to improve road safety and sustainable development. It aims to save lives through the prevention of violent deaths and injuries. The organization employs evidence-based interventions and advocacy campaigns to reduce death rates and injuries on the roads.
  • International Society Against Reckless Driving (ISARD), Nigeria, was established in memory of Joseph and Felicia Ahom who were lost in a tragic road traffic crash in 1987 in Kaduna Nigeria. The NGO works to prevent suffering and loss of live caused by traffic crashes, locally and globally. Its mission is to reduce road traffic fatalities and injuries, and to improve road users’ behavior through public enlightenment, grassroot activism, training, and road-related research.
  • Asociatia Keep Hope Alive, Romania, works through education, advocacy and outreach activities in the community.
  • STOP Organization for Road Safety, Yemen, is dedicated to activating the community to contribute in enhancing traffic safety. It is the first organization in Yemen interested in traffic safety and its vision is to become a leader in road safety awareness and education, research and development. It works with communities and government authorities.