Alliance Welcomes Three New Members

The Alliance is excited to welcome the three new members that joined us in January:

The Nada Foundation for Safer Egyptian Roads, Egypt, designs, promotes, and advocates for interventions that are proven to reduce the burden of road traffic injuries. Egypt has one of the highest fatality rates globally, with an average of 30–35 loved ones lost every day. Nada’s main goal is to reduce road traffic accidents across Egypt through raising awareness and accountability among drivers, pedestrians, and authorities, and by advocating for the implementation of safety standards for road design, vehicles, driving skills, and legislation, with a particular focus on youth.

Georgia Alliance for Safe Roads (GASR), Georgia, was founded in 2010 by a group of road safety professionals and campaigners. It promotes youth road safety education and pedestrian safety, and seeks to reduce drunk driving in Georgia. GASR monitors road safety trends. It brings international expertise to Georgia and advocates for feasible regulatory and technological solutions. GASR has built a network of public and private stakeholders, well-known public figures, and media organizations, which support the Alliance’s public awareness and advocacy efforts.

Patiala Foundation, India, has been working on social welfare projects since 2009, managing large-scale community-driven programs and developing implementation strategies for social mobilization and institution building in urban and rural areas. In 2017, it initiated SADAK, a project to promote road safety in communities and among children, and advocates for implementation and enforcement of policies to protect road users. To date, SADAK has organized 33 events, including road safety talks, drawing competitions, and road safety audits, reaching 2,600 community members.