Alliance Empowerment Update

It has been a few months since the Alliance Advocates graduated from their training in Memphis, Tennessee and many have already made great headway on their projects.

  • Safe Kids Malaysia distributed helmets to children in 17 schools and discussed the implementation of rules and regulations for children safety on motorcycles.
  • Swatantrata Abhiyan Nepal held a meeting with Members of National Road Safety Alliance for developing strategic actions.
  • TRAX held a workshop in Janki Devi Memorial College, Delhi and signed an MOU with Amity International Business School.

Even if you didn’t sign up for our Crash Courses in Key Risk Areas, you can still enjoy the resources and webinars. So far, over 75% of viewers have rated the webinars favorably. 

Comments on the webinars include:

“‘Drunk Driving is absolutely preventable’ with this confident message this is the perfect course of learning for each and everyone who is working in this field of road safety. The presentation is perfectly designed with detailed information not only to USA context but to a global context. A must watch webinar .” 

“I found the information presented in regards to enforcement extremely useful especially when discussing drunk driving and how to prevent crashes.”

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