300 Strong in 100 Countries

This month, the Alliance reached a new milestone of more than 300 members in 100 countries.

Since the Alliance was founded in 2011, the Alliance NGO community has grown not only in number but in strength. They are increasingly becoming recognized as valuable partners by their governments in the achievement of the 2030 targets, bringing unique community perspectives as well as knowledge and data. In turn, NGOs are holding their governments accountable for global road safety mandates, putting people at the center of mobility systems.

NGOs have a role defined in the Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety 2021-2030:

  • to amplify the voice of academia by being an advocate;
  • to act as an independent voice to influence social change;
  • to support the development of policies by augmenting the evidence base as well as bringing the perspectives of communities impacted by those policies to the table;
  • to keep road safety on the government agenda;
  • to unite stakeholders with a common goal;
  • to be an important source of road safety information for the community and governments;
  • to help ensure government accountability by empowering communities on road safety issues and ensuring good governance;
  • and to help push for the achievement of the road safety related SDGs.

Alliance NGOs are ready to take up their role and are already making an impact. NGOs in 38 countries have personally handed the Global Plan to their decision makers, reminding them of their responsibility to reduce road deaths and injuries by 2030 using an evidence-based, people-centered approach. NGOs’ call to action for to achieve the target was summarized in the Budapest NGO Declaration and regional calls to action defined by members:

  • Evidence-based action starting with 30 km/h
  • Investment in proven actions and reporting
  • Involvement of NGOs in road safety decision-making

NGOs and the Decade of Action

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