Mobility Snapshot materials

Join in the #CommitToAct Mobility Snapshot campaign using the campaign materials.

More materials will be added soon, including different formats and languages, so stay tuned. If you don’t receive emails from us already, join our subscriber list.

To access the materials, download them to your computer before editing.

Signboards & banners

Download social media banners with different messages for printing and for social media.

Some banners are editable for your own message.


Download infographic templates to present your Mobility Snapshots.

Download the template to your computer and open it in Powerpoint. You can add your photograph, update the location and number of people and copy and paste the relevant tick, cross, or star.

Photo and video frame

Use this frame to overlay on photos from your Mobility Snapshot and video clips of road users.

Find the frame as an image file to overlay on photos and videos and in a Powerpoint version.

Banners and signboards available:

  • English, French, and Spanish
  • Editable banners
  • 16×9, A3, square, & reels formats
  • PDF and PNG
  • Printable signboards

Choose between:

  • Mobility Snapshot infographics to show the reality of your street
  • Recommendations infographics to show your key asks
  • Versions with and without star ratings
  • 16×9, 4×3, reels, & square formats
  • English, Spanish and French available
  • Powerpoint format

How to use the infographic

  1. Download infographic (don’t edit the online version)
  2. Change photo
  3. Use the tick and cross icons on slide 2 to update your infographic
  4. Save infographic as a png or jpg file (File>Save as, then change file type under file name)
  • Overlay on photos and videos
  • PNG & EPS format or in a PowerPoint
  • Square & 16×9 Powerpoint formats

How to use the frame

  1. Download frame
  2. Open your video or photograph in your video/photo editor
  3. Insert the frame as an image