About the toolkit

Advocacy, commitments, funding, and implementation of interventions which do not reduce deaths and injuries are wasting time and resources. The Alliance Accountability Toolkit is designed to help NGOs to advocate for evidence-based actions toward the 2030 targets.

The Toolkit has been designed for NGOs advocating for road safety, based on international best practice, in consultation with Alliance member NGOs and backed by an expert panel. It will take you step-by-step through the accountability cycle using practical, customizable tools.

The accountability cycle

Your accountability cycle broadly follows four stages. The progress may not necessarily be straightforward, sometimes stagnating or diverging, and may take a long time.

The Alliance Accountability Toolkit can help you through each stage of the accountability cycle to continually assess your government’s progress in progressively implementing evidence-based interventions.

Why accountability?

The Global Plan for the Decade of Action tasks governments with primary responsibility to design a safe road transport system and implement a road safety action plan. It calls on NGOs to help ensure government accountability.

Without holding our governments accountable for implementation of evidence-based interventions, lives will continue to be lost and many seriously injured on the world’s roads every day. It is road safety NGOs’ responsibility to play our part.

Why should you use the Accountability Toolkit?