Third Global Ministerial Conference FAQs

My minister has not received an invitation…

1. I am working with a minister who has responsibility for road safety but they have not received an invitation. What should I do?

Swedish embassies have been tasked with inviting ministers directly and they should know the status of any invitations. Contact the Swedish Embassy in your country if a relevant minister has not received their invitation to check with them and ask for the minister to be included. NOTE: this is not the same process if you, as an NGO, individual, or other road safety stakeholder, have not received an invitation. See below.

I have not received an invitation…

2. I would like to attend the conference but I have not received an invitation. What can I do?

If you have not received an invitation for the conference, you can request one via the official Third Global Ministerial Conference website: until the end of November. The Alliance’s call for applications has finished and we are not able to facilitate additional invitations.

3. I have submitted a request for an invitation. When will I hear?

Requests for invitations made through the Conference website are currently being reviewed. Applicants will be notified of the decision made by the government of Sweden by the end of November.

4. I cannot attend the conference, but I really want to get involved. What can I do? 

The main target for the conference is national level government ministers. Engage with your ministers and their offices, to make sure that they have received their invitations and encourage them to attend. Brief them on the road safety situation in your country: the challenges, the successes and how they can prepare for the conference.

I have received an invitation…

5. I have received an invitation. What do I do next?

Remember to register as per the invitation email that you received. You are responsible for booking your own travel and accommodation and for applying for a visa. Remember that the visa application process can take a long time, so start early.

6. Is funding provided for NGOs attending the conference?

There is no automatic funding available from the Swedish government or WHO for NGOs to attend the conference. If you applied for a subsidy from the Alliance, you should hear if you have been successful by the end of October. Please note that the Alliance subsidies will not cover full costs and you should also be seeking funding from additional sources. If you have close contacts with your government, it may be possible to discuss attending the conference as part of their delegation.

7. I have received a subsidy from the Alliance to attend the conference. What do I do now?

You will need to send your action plan for #CommitToAct activities in the run up to the conference as per the email sent to you. See the specific FAQs for grantees HERE.