Third Global Ministerial Conference FAQs

I am registered for the conference…

1. I have received an invitation. What do I do next?

You are responsible for booking your own travel and accommodation and for applying for a visa. If you require a visa, you should have received an invitation letter from the Swedish Government. Remember that the visa application process can take a long time, so start early.


2. Is there a particular hotel I should stay at?

Stockholm is an expensive city. The conference and pre-events will take place in the area of the city around the Central Railway Station. If you are unable to find a suitable hotel near the station, choosing a hotel near a subway station with a direct link to the central station is a good alternative and should save money. Here are a few suggestions for hotels that are comparatively good value:

Walking distance:

Stay Generator

Comfort Hotel

Best Western

A bit further:

Connect Hotel City

Castle House Inn 

3. What should I bring?

Stockholm in February is cold, usually around -3°C during the day so bring a big coat. Buildings tend to be well heated, so once inside thick layers of clothing are not normally required. The station, where the People’s Exhibition will be held is indoors but still quite cold: you will need your coat.

4. What preparation should I do?

Keep in mind that the primary focus of the conference is ministerial level to push forward the road safety agenda at national and global level. Your preparations therefore should take this into consideration. Work with those ministers who are attending to make sure that they are briefed on the road safety situation in your country, the aims of the conference, and the expected outcomes. You can also invite them to our events. We will be running preparation calls for NGOs that are attending the conference, stay tuned. 


5. Can I attend the training on the 15-17 February?

Attendance on the training is by invitation only. If you have been selected for the training, you will already have received your confirmation. 

6. Where will the training be held?

The training will be held at the Best Western Plus Park Airport Hotel. There is a shuttle service from the airport approximately every 20 mins from the airport.

7. Which nights are covered by the training?

FOR TRAINING PARTICIPANTS ONLY: accommodation is covered for the nights of the 14–18 as well as the meals.


8. Should I bring a poster to the People’s Exhibition? 

No, the exhibition will not have NGO posters.

9. What are the exhibition opening hours?

The exhibition will be open from 13:00 – 20:00 on 18 February and 09:00-18:00 on 19 – 20 February.

10. How can I help during the exhibition?

You can sign up to be a volunteer. We will have 3 hours volunteers shift each day, and volunteers will support the Alliance inviting people to visit the exhibition and assisting them to take part in the interactive elements. You can sign up HERE.

I am not registered for the conference…

11. I would like to attend the conference but I have not received an invitation. What can I do?

Unfortunately, the invitation and registration process has now closed.

12. I cannot attend the conference, but I really want to get involved. What can I do? 

The main target for the conference is national level government ministers. Engage with your ministers and their offices, to make sure that they have received their invitations and encourage them to attend. Brief them on the road safety situation in your country: the challenges, the successes and how they can prepare for the conference.