#SpeakUp campaign tip #1

“Think big, start small, act now.”

We need to give our decision makers clear, concrete ways to save lives on the road. Use the UNGRSW toolkit to assess your journey and the WHO Save LIVES package to understand the best practices that really make a difference. Think about your NGO’s existing campaigns: choose one clear, specific action that will make a difference, whether to local people or to your whole country. Then push, push, and push again until decision makers hear you.

Your demand could be big or small but make sure that it is specific enough that decision makers know what needs to be done. Use SMART goals to make sure your demand can be acted on:

Specific: be clear about what you want to achieve

Measurable: how will you know when the demand is achieved?

Achievable: can your demand be achieved?

Relevant: will the demand make a difference?

Time-bound: what is a realistic deadline?


  • I demand repairs to the pedestrian crossing on the Mwiki Road
  • I demand a reduction in the speed limit to 30 km/h on residential streets in Newtown
  • I demand funding for a crossing guard for St Peter’s school
  • I demand a ban on substandard motorcycle helmets
  • I demand that the blood alcohol limit for drivers be reduced to 0.05 g/dl
Resources to help you:

Find WHO’s Save LIVES package HERE

UN Global Road Safety Website HERE

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