#SpeakUp Campaign tip #4

There are many ways to spread the word about your campaign and gain support even if you don’t have many resources.

  • Events: These can be large or small. Maybe you could organize a flash mob, a walk carrying speech bubble signboards, or show your decision maker around the neighborhood. Remember to check if you need local government permissions and always keep your participants safe on the road. See some ideas from Alliance NGOs from the last UN Global Road Safety Week HERE.
  • Petitions: Start a petition for your demand. Share it among your supporters, local schools, other community organizations, the people you know. Present it to your decision makers.
  • Traditional media and social media: If you are lucky enough to have good connections with journalists, invite them to your events, tell them about your campaigns, and show them why your issue matters to their readers. However, there is plenty that you can do to get your campaign noticed without newspaper articles. Use your social media, include your demand and pictures. Ask your followers to spread the word. See our webinars on Twitter and Facebook for more tips.

Resources to help you:

Social U webinar series from the Alliance HERE.

Examples from previous UN Global Road Safety Weeks HERE.

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