Third Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety


What is the Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety and why is it important?

The Third Global Ministerial Conference (Ministerial Conference), held in the final year of the Decade of Action, aims to reach high-level consensus for continued global road safety targets and collaboration up to 2030. The Decade of Action has given road safety a strategic framework and built momentum in many countries, but more time is needed to see it fully take effect. It is therefore key that governments commit to a new target for road safety at the Ministerial Conference and integrate this into their national strategies and policies.

Who should attend?

The Ministerial Conference is primarily targeted at national government ministers and their delegations. It is also open to policymakers, corporations, academics, and NGOs working in road safety. However, space is limited and requests will be prioritized, with national government ministers given highest priority. Selected participants should now have received their invitations.

If you would like to attend but missed the Alliance’s call for applications or have not received an invitation, you can request an invitation HERE (until the end of November). You can expect a response by the end of November. In the case of government ministers, Swedish embassies have been tasked with inviting ministers directly and they should know the status of any invitations. Contact the Swedish Embassy in your country, if a relevant minister has not received their invitation to check with them and ask for the minister to be included. 

What can I do?

You can make a difference for road safety simply by getting the right people from your government to attend the Ministerial Conference.

  1. Target ministers directly or through your government department contacts. Convince them why they should attend. Encourage them to request an invitation through the Ministerial Conference website HERE. We have created a template letter that you can use HERE.
  2. Invitations have automatically been sent to certain national government ministers.  Check with your ministers or their office to ensure that the minister has received the invitation. Ministers receive a lot of communication and the invitation could get lost or overlooked. 
  3. If you are working with a Minister who has not received an invitation and should have, contact the Swedish Embassy in your country, as the embassies have been tasked with invitations in their host countries.  

Read more about the Third Global Ministerial Conference on the official website HERE.

Alliance member HI have put together a toolkit that can be adapted and used in your discussions with your decision makers. Find it HERE.

The Alliance at the Third Global Ministerial Conference

The Alliance and its members are running three events on 18 February 2020 on the eve of the conference. Read more HERE.