Asociacion Madres del Dolor

Asociacion Madres del Dolor

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One of the activities that our NGO carries out is that of promoting projects to change laws hinder Road Safety. For example in Argentina if a person runs over somebody and escapes, he/she does not receive a higher sentence than the person who stays together with the victim, leaves the car to be controlled and goes through drinking tests. We have developed a bill to change this law and have got together with different authorities, including our President.

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Together with other parents who have lost a loved son/ daughter in road accidents and come to our NGO asking for advice

Two Cases Of Deaths Produced By Drunk Drivers

The first case was produced by the son of a famous journalist, Pablo Garcia Aliverti. Garcia was driving at high speed when he ran over a man riding his bicycle to work. Garcia was so drunk that Mr Roda´s body flew into his car but Garcia kept driving 17 km until he was stopped at a toll booth. The second case was produced by the son of a famous model, Gianmarco Dolce who is only 19 years old. He was under the influence of alcohol and drugs when he fell asleep driving his car



Asociacion Madres del Dolor

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La entidad tiene como finalidad promover y consolidar la efectiva prestación de Justicia, brindar servicios de asistencia y contención integral a victimas y familiares de hechos de violencia y constituírse en un foro de defensa de los derechos y de la seguridad ciudadana. The entity has as its objective to promote and strengthen the effective rendering of Justice, offer services of assistance and complete support to victims and relatives of those who have gone through violent incidents and to build itself up as a defense forum to defend the rights and security of the peolple.