Road Safety Pioneers (RSP)

Road Safety Pioneers (RSP)

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With scientific backbone none of road safety activities could be effective in long term. Since fatigue-related crashes constitute a significant percentage of our roads, we started conducting a research on this type of crashes using data to find out why, when and where they are happening. After completion the report, our suggested countermeasures were implemented by road authority, and fortunately number of target crashes reduced by 50 percent in selected road section.

Project Examples

Road Safety Course For Motorcyclists

motorcyclists are not only more prone to on-road collisions compared to other classes of road users, but that severe injury is a relatively more common result in the event of a crash involving a motorcycle. Motorcycles are smaller than cars and as such are less conspicuous and more difficult to detect. Road safety course for motorcyclists may help them perceive the risk better and ride safer.

Road Safety Courses For Students

Since children have lower abilities to detect and determine speed of vehicles they could be at risk more than other road users. Also educational programs for children vary by their age groups and as they grow up they'll have more abilities to learn new things about coping with road risks and have more experience to save themselves.

Interview With Local Media

Local media is a powerful potential to advocate road safety issues. Just we should learn how to use it correctly.



Road Safety Pioneers (RSP)

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Our main goal is safety culture improvement and raise public awareness. We are trying hard to make this sentence acceptable for all that: “Together We Can Save Millions of Lives"