#CommitToAct in Sweden

The #CommitToAct campaign is building up to a series of pre-events to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, on 18 February 2020, prior to the Third Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, which kicks off the next day. You are invited to attend and to bring your government ministers and officials with you. Read more and sign up below.

18 February 2020

  • 13:00 – 14:00 Opening of the People’s Exhibition at Stockholm Central Station

The People’s Exhibition will be an interactive display held for the duration of the Ministerial Conference in one of Stockholm’s busiest throughfares. It will enable the general public and conference attendees to experience the dangerous road conditions faces by citizens around the world, hear stories from those affected by crashes, and find out about the scale of the road safety crisis and the solutions that could fix it. Find more details below.

  • 15:00 – 16:30 Presentation of the results of the People’s Survey

The People’s Survey, conducted by the Alliance and Accountability International, gathered the voices of citizens around the world to demonstrate the impacts of road crashes on the lives of victims, friends and family beyond death and physical injury. In addition, it captured how safe people feel on their streets. The first presentation of the results will be held on the eve of the Ministerial Conference and will form an advocacy base for the Alliance and it’s members. Following the presentation, a panel of experts will reflect on the results before opening the floor to questions from the public. 

  • 17:30 – 18:30 People’s Meeting

The People’s Meeting will be held at the Exhibition. This will be a call for action from civil society leaders to their governments to #CommitToAct for road safety. It will feature an introduction to the People’s Exhibition, a short presentation addressing the human side of road incidents, and a symbolic act where empty pairs of shoes representing the 3700 lives lost on the roads everyday will be unveiled. This meeting will demonstrate to leaders around the world that the road safety community is united, that we are concerned, and that we are committed to holding them accountable for the promises they make to address road safety in their countries. 

19 – 20 February 2020

The People’s Exhibition will continue for the duration of the Ministerial Conference under the theme “the Magnitude of the Global Road Safety Crisis and Solutions that Work.” It will create greater awareness about the burden of road deaths and injuries worldwide and how effective road safety policy and implementation can save lives. It will include:

  • Wall of Commitments: an interactive wall with a world map where we will invite people to take their own polaroid picture and add it to their country, writing their commitment for road safety.
  • Everyday Realities: this installation will have three LED screens simulating a cell phone and will invite the visitors to check the Instagram profile of a mother in Ghana, a couple in Thailand, and a businesswoman in Mexico. Through their Instagram stories, visitors will be able to experience and learn about different road safety situations around the world and involving different risk factors.
  • The Double Standard: this installation will be done in collaboration with Global NCAP and we will display two crashed cars from the same manufacturer but for different regions of the world with the aim of showing the double standard that exists regarding vehicle safety.
  • Everyday Counts: this installation will be a pile of shoes that represents the 3,700 lives lost every day on the roads. Visitors will be invited to bring their own pair of shoes in remembrance of those who lost their lives on the roads.

Thursday 20 February, 07:45-08:45 

The Alliance will be hosting two side-events during the conference.

From That Day Our World Crumbled: The Human Cost of Inaction on Road Safety 

In this session, we will present the findings of the People’s Survey and reflect on the human cost of inaction on road safety. The survey data shows that road crashes cause long+term emotional devastation and psychological harm. For those living with the effects of a crash that they or a loved one has experienced, the impact can be long term, painful, and sometimes debilitating. Road crashes go beyond physical injuries, and the data shows a growing frustration that crashes are preventable and that priorities are not made to prevent them. Three expert panelists will discuss socioeconomic, psychological, and human rights perspectives and make recommendations for a way forward.

Partnerships for Better Road Safety Data (with IRF Geneva and Total Foundation)

Hosted with IRF (Geneva) and Total Foundation,  this session will build on the concrete experience of the LEARN project, the session will explore opportunities for inter-agency collaboration and multi-stakeholders’ partnerships and discuss ways in which to enhance knowledge, skills and actions with regard to road safety data.