#CommitToAct Sweden Activation

The #CommitToAct campaign will culminate in a series of activities in Stockholm, Sweden, on 18 February 2020, prior to the Third Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety, which kicks off the next day.

The results of the People’s Survey will be presented at a gathering of civil society representatives. The findings will be linked to a call for real action and urgent efforts to reduce road deaths.

This will be followed by a public event at Stockholm Central Station. It will incorporate a symbolic action, call to action, and exhibition showing the deadly reality people face on the roads around the world and uses ideas brainstormed at the Global Meeting. The exhibition will create awareness among the public about the burden of road deaths and injuries worldwide and how good road safety policy and implementation can save lives.

It will include:

  • Virtual Reality to experience cross the streets of some of the world’s deadliest roads, for example, children in Bangkok children walking to school, or experiencing a crash without a seat belt, or walking drunk or under the influence of drugs
  • Road Safety Questionnaire to create awareness about the magnitude of the crisis on our roads, road safety facts, and best practices
  • Photo exhibition to show innovative projects that NGOs execute worldwide
  • Video mapping that will show how road deaths and injuries are spread in different regions of the world and infographics that will show percentages per road user and means of transportation
  • Wall of Commitments for participants to take an instant selfie and write how they will commit to save lives on the roads